What is This?
Hi, I’m Daniel the Healer. I am glad you came to visit. I am an Intuitive Holistic Energy Healer.

Every Wednesday at 10 AM and every Thursday at 8 PM Eastern time, I do a Free Online Energy Healing, sharing my gifts with people all around the world. For about an hour I do my “Healing Magic.”

I say “Healing Magic” because I really don’t know exactly how these gatherings produce such great healing results.

But people feel better, they have diminished pains, and their issues improve or vanish all together.

“Thank you so much for these events. I have been attending for some time now. It really has made a positive difference in my days. All issues I have had Daniel address, have gotten better or resolved themselves. And many have been with me for years!” V.A.

“The bonus healing meant a great deal to me!! I feel like a new person!” L.S.

View more glowing testimonials here, or, to see what we do during these healing sessions, click here.

I have been a healer for over 40 years. I have a very large “bag of tools,” and the assistance of many helpers and healer angels on the other side, that I can use to heal just about any issue.

I hope you can join me here. The healings are free, but I ask you to contribute a modest fee towards the cost of creating these events.

Regardless of that, I offer you the first three sessions completely free.

All you need is create your account here, and you are on your way to a healthier and more vibrant you.