Mission Statement
We are in NEW and DIFFERENT times. Objective reality is dead, and we have the opportunity to create our personal, individual and unique future.

With that in mind I envision my new future, where

  • We all have peace, love and ease; where we experience kindness, respect, acceptance, prosperity and abundance.
  • Everybody matters and is significant, and we all grow and expand spiritually.
  • We are all equals, and we all accept each other for who we are. We all act together for the good of everyone.
  • We are healthy, happy, safe, free and empowered.
  • We all pursue our passions, and we live in a world of goodness, beauty and truth.
I invite you to join me on this journey to getting there.  My free healing events are geared towards raising our vibrational level, so that we can cross the threshold into this new reality together.

And since this is now a subjective reality, everyone will cross into this future at their own time.  However, you may be able to get there sooner if you participate with me.

This new reality is not visible from our current one.  As your resonance and healing lifts you, you will perceive greater glimpses of it and the new you; and you’ll enjoy the new reality manifesting in your own life.

But that’s not all. I see this healing work as a mission for all humanity and the planet as well. Your participation with me, in this healing work, means that you are joining me in a great spiritual movement of evolution for this planet. People both on this and the other side, and all those that love you, are coming together in ever greater numbers to bring this new reality into manifestation for all beings.

So, will you join me? While you are only one person, you can be a remedy for humanity. Come with me. Let’s do this together!