Cistus Incanus

This particular herb was mentioned by the renown healer and doctor, Dr. Klinghardt.

It is an anti-viral, and seems to de especially well for healing the Epstein-Barr virus (chronic fatigue) and Lyme’s disease.

Klinghardt says that because this plant is so effective, other people started to grow it, but only the Mediterranean wild grown variety is really effective.  He recommends the Sardinian variety which can be had from Ki Science in the UK (they ship worldwide.)

I have become an affiliate of theirs, and so please, when you go to the site the first time use this link:

You will need two items, the Cistus Incanus tea ( and the stevia drops (  These two products work together synergistically.

You will receive instructions on how to brew the tea once you order.

I have worked with many tea balls and prefer this one: