What Happens During these Events?

You are a very complex being.  You function on many levels, the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual.  The spiritual level also includes your energy field.

Of the totality that you are, more of who you are is on your spiritual level than on the other three levels combined.  You are not a physical being having a spiritual experience, but a SPIRITUAL BEING having a PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE.

That is why I pay a lot of attention to your energies.  By working with your energies, I can greatly lift and heal you.

So, this is what is going on during our sessions.  They are divided into weekly maintenance and then something different and extra every week.

The Tune-Up

During the tune-up we work on seven separate areas:

1.Your Energy Field

We are exposed to many toxic energies in our everyday life. I look at the most important components of your energy field:

  • I work on your aura and your aura boundaries. 
  • I make certain your aura is clear of all debris.
  • Then I realign, clear and reboot your chakras. 
  • I ground you to the earth and connect you to your life force.
  • I remove energetic burdens, trauma and shock, stress and external sabotage. 
  • Finally, in this segment, I send you greater energetic protection.
2. Skeletal Alignment

I align your skeleton, from head to toe. This is a “psychic chiropractic” adjustment. I look at every bone and joint in your body.

3. Brain and Nerve Work

Your brain has three major parts.  The neocortex, the limbic and the reptilian brain. You have a sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system. When nerves get overloaded, they disconnect.

  • I make certain all the parts work well, and are coordinated with each other.
  • I coordinate your three brains, your brain-brain, your heart-brain and your gut-brain.
  • I remove old and dark memories.
  • I make certain that all your nerves are connected.  This is especially helpful for your Vagus nerve.
  • I coordinate your various body clocks.  That can improve the quality of your sleep.
  • I send a bit extra energy to your eyes.
4. Healing what You Wish to Heal

In this next segment I send you pure healing love energy that you can use to heal any issues that you wish to work with.

5. More Energy for You​

IDuring this part of the weekly maintenance, I send you chi-balls. Chi is life force.

6. Energizing your “Body Wide Web”

The nucleus and the DNA of every cell and you have trillions of it, communicates with other cells. They do that via a “Body Wide Web.” For best results. that web needs to be illuminated rather than dull. The additional advantage is that we will eliminate all the blockages to your full genomic expression.

7. Healing cancer and cancer prevention​

Cancer is a complex disease. Basically, cells grow out of control. They divide too fast and create growths.
I send you energies that emanate from my special crystal to change the energy field around the issue of cancer.

8. Alleviating and Reducing Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is the basis of every chronic disease. Overall you will be healthier.

Something else every week​

To wrap up the event, every week we do something extra that contributes to your well-being. Here are some examples.  Working with your Future Self, do a “pull” of old emotions you don’t need any longer, work with your mind talk, clear your lymph system and many more.

The Talk

Finally, at the end, I give an extra talk about healing, metaphysics, or many other topics on how reality works.
I hope to see you for our next healing event.