Thank you for the healings. I always feel so much better afterward. I really appreciate what you do.
My knees are healed, Thank you again.
The clock reset you did last week worked wonders!! Overnight, I went from waking at 3 or 4 am (I have been for years) to waking at 6!! It’s been 6 nights now. Thank you for sharing your gift.
First, though, I decided to ask you to work with me on healing this situation. I only sent that request in once. My vision immediately improved. Best I can tell, it is back to where it was before I had the frightening experience. In fact, it improved so smoothly that it took me a day or two to realize that I did not need to make that appointment with the eye doctor. Thank you so much for sharing your healing magic with me and with us all. You are truly a gift. I look forward to the next healing.
I would like to keep working on my skeletal alignment… It is so much better, I hardly feel any pain, just a little numbness occasionally… Thank you again.
Thanks to you for the two healing sessions I’ve experienced so far. I feel more empowered and I’m operating with more clarity than before. I attribute much of that to your support. I wish you many blessings. Much love.
I had a sinus headache coming on so bad but during and after working with you it subsided dramatically! It just started to release as we were doing the session until it’s basically gone… yay!
I’m already in a much, much better place and it’s hard to believe there’s something better than this. My good friend was over yesterday and was trying to find the words to explain to me how much different I am, calmer, more confident, more comfortable with myself.
Keep up the good work! You are helping me heal! Thank You!
I should also tell you, since attending your sessions, my overactive bladder is much better.Thanks!
I feel a general overall wellness, vitality, improved spiritual awareness, and just all around feeling better since I began attending your weekly healing sessions. For me, your sessions are like an energetic multi vitamin for continuous tuning and maintenance. Much love and appreciation.
I had horrible anxiety and depression for months and after joining Daniel in these wonderful healing sessions I can say I am feeling so much better.
I want you to know that this last Healing Session with you has produced much improvement with my hernia, and low back injury situation. No noticeable pain these past few mornings, and the hernia appears to be “shrinking” (?) or doing whatever it does to go back to its natural position.
Hi Daniel, it’s been only nine weeks joining your healing sessions, and my life is so much more wonderful. I’m very different, happy like the honeymoon period of a romantic relationship.
I need to write you a long email. Every issue we have worked on is better or healed, and I have increased energy. My overall feeling of wellbeing is greatly increased. I look forward to these healing sessions with you so much! Thank you