Heart Love Activation
Short Description and how to do it

Everything in nature gives off more energy than it takes in, except us humans; mainly because we live in a world of scarcity and lack

It is imperative to learn how to channel more love into our world than what we take in.  There are many ways to do this.  One particular way is with the Heart Love Activation.

Frist here is why you would want to do it. How do you benefit from this?
  • Protection from other’s negativity
  • Greater visibility and presence
  • Greater likeability
  • Having a charmed life
  • More energy
  • Receiving more Universal Love
  • Having greater capacity to love and with more intensity
  • Being free from conditional love
  • You don’t need to give your power away for love any longer
  • It’s the first step to self-validation and enhances your self-image
  • It amplifies, enhances and makes more effective any other healing modality
Now here is an explanation on how to do it:
You have a life force.  Your life force is always with you, but for the purpose of this visualization, you imagine your life force as a sphere, a sphere of white light maybe 30 to 40 feet in diameter maybe 200 to 300 feet above your head.  You can simply address it as “LIGHT.”

So, in your mind you imagine this sphere, and you say: “Light, please give me light.”  Immediately this light will respond and it will send down a beam of white light to you.  And this beam will descend, it will descend, and it will finally enter you through your crown chakra, which is on the top of your head.  It will go through you in a straight line.  It will exit you at your root chakra, which is at the tip of your coccyx or tail bone, and continue to travel all the way into the center of the earth, – Mother Earth -Gaia.  Gaia doesn’t receive much light from humans, so She really appreciates that.  She can use all the light there is, it helps Her tremendously, so She gets all excited and in return She will send you some ground energy.  She will send you a beam of red light that will ascend towards you from the center of the earth.  It will ascend, it will ascend, it will ascend, and it will enter you through your root chakra.  It will go through you in a straight line, and exit you through your crown chakra, and go all the way up to the sphere of light that is your life force.

Now, you are connected, you are in the circuit.  Because both lights went all the way through you, all of your chakras are connected.

You see, you are an electrical being.  Your energy field is electrical.  And just like when you have a lamp and there’s a bulb in there and you turn on the switch and it has to be plugged in an electrical outlet, and the plug has two prongs, if you broke off one prong and plugged it in, it wouldn’t work.  You need both.  And you, too, have two prongs.  Your juice prong is your crown chakra and your ground prong is your root chakra.

Anyway, now all your chakras are connected.  And in your heart chakra, when both the white and the red light come through, your heart then knows how to manufacture love energy.  And love energy is pink.  Even though your heart chakra is green, love energy is pink. Red and white make pink.  So, now that you’re connected, your heart starts to work.  It sends out love energy.  So, you let yourself be filled up with that love energy.  Eventually it will fill you up from the heart, in all directions into your head, into your arms, into your torso, down your legs.  Eventually, you can’t take anymore, because you are now saturated with your love energy.  Once your body is completely filled with love, that love will ooze out of your body into your energy field.  And it will fill up your energy field.

If you have just started doing this for the first time, then that’s where you stop.  Just be in your own love energy. You do that for about two weeks just for yourself once or twice a day.  Once you’ve done it for two weeks your “heart muscle” is strong enough you can start sending love bubbles to others.
The explanation is now followed by a short, silent video animation of the Heart Love Activation.
This is something I just recently read:

“A scientifically controlled study conducted by German researchers at the University of Kassel has shown that while the chest area of an average person emits only 20 photons of light per second, someone who meditates emits an amazing 100,000 photons per second. That is more than 5000 times more than the average human being.

Numerous studies have also shown that when these photons are infused with a loving and healing intent, their frequency and vibration increase to the point where they can literally change matter, heal disease, and transform negative events.”